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           Essentials of Client Service & Enhancing Your Telephone Skills: For all front line staff 
           including Receptionists, Exam room Assistants, and Technicians to ensure you are providing the best 
           client experience possible! 
           Program Objectives:
  • To deliver extraordinary customer service through successful reception management procedures
  • To impart a sense of trust and compassion through voice and body language expression
  • To build long-term relationships with clients by providing exceptionally friendly service
  • Appropriate greeting, discharge and follow-up procedures
  • To handle telephone inquiries, communicate fees, and deal with walk-in clients
  • Understand that extraordinary customer satisfaction is key to the success of a veterinary practice
  • To elevate level of telephone communication skills through courtesy, warmth and elegance
  • How to handle telephone situations such as an upset client, a price shopper, an emergency call
  • To Understand the importance of first impressions and that the receptionist is the gatekeeper of       the practice
Enhance Your Dental Practice
with Lifelearn Team Training
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           Understanding Dental Hygiene: For Receptionists, Technicians and Assistants to give the
           knowledge necessary to promote dentistry to pet owners!
           Program Objectives:
  • Learn basic anatomy of the mouth and teeth
  • Learn the importance of home dental care and home dental care products
  • Learn to educate clients on the importance o` dental hygiene
  • Learn to educate clients to brush their pet's teeth and the steps involved in a dental cleaning
           Periodontal Disease: For Veterinarians, Technicians and Treatment Room Assistants to 
           learn all the techniques necessary for preventing periodontal disease in small animals!
           Program Objectives and Content:
  • Learn periodontal disease assessment, treatment and home care
  • References on anatomy, charting, complete dental exam instrumentation, analgesia, antibiotics
  • Many video procedures including scaling, probing, gingivectomy and gingivoplasty
  • Four clinical cases with emphasis on procedure and treatment