• One button control
  • No handpiece heat
  • Endodontics capable
  • Peizoelectric technology
  • Works supra and sub gingivally
  • Autoclavable handpiece and tips
  • Faster and more complete dentals
  • Linear movement of ultrasonic tips for perfect control
  • Soft Mode: SUB-GINGIVAL use for pockets and root planing (this saves 10 to 20 minutes per prophy, if hand scaling is being done) 7 to 9 mm.
                  PROBES: for use on urethra stones in dogs and cats
  • Medium Mode: for endodontic treatment
  • Boost Mode: for Supra-gingival scaling

                    Cruise Control System​

     Powerful and regular vibrations provide smooth and 
        faster treatments 
     The tips are always tuned to the right ultrasonic frequency
        depending on its environmet
But did you know that The P5 and The Coccon are not limited to dental hygiene applications only?
For years the human dental market has used our scaler for: supra- & sub-gingival scaling, root planning, implant maintenance, inlays & onlays, condensing composites, endo files, gutta percha condensation, endo retreatment, post & crown removal, and apical surgery.  
Now exclusively for the Vet Market, we provide probes specifically designed to ultrasonically break up stones located in dog and cat urethra.
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  • The same great scaling and subgingival properties as The P5
  • Includes a 40,000 rpm motor for cutting and polishing
  • Subgingival debridement to 9mm
  • Autoclavable handpiece and tips
  • Endodontics capable
  • No handpiece heat
  • Works supra and sub gingivally
  • Faster and more complete dentals
  • Will cut teeth at an additional cost
Newtron Booster
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