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High/Low Speed Delivery Systems
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     This system is a miniature control unit with coolant, designed to mount on a vertical surface, an arm, pole mount, or a cart, making it ideal for a custom installations.  Unlike many units that have a compressor, this unit takes up very little space.  Utilizing Nitrogen gives the practioner 100% speed consistency at all times, and no moisture concerns.  We do have a compressor option available. See accessories.
                 This complete delivery 
                  system includes
  • High speed delivery unit
  • Disc foot control
  • High and low speed handpieces
  • Triomate Syring
  • Water system
The horizontal travel arm:
The Pole Mount:
Especially good for table top or on a cart
The Five wheel cart:
Has top tray for scaler and other items.  Nice to wheel out of the way when not in use, or from room to room.
                  Small variable speed 
                  disc-type foot control
  • Air pressure guage
  • Two handpiece tubing
  • Instrument holders
  • Fiber optics option
There are other mounting configurations available and they are shown below:
                 The Unit specifications:
  • Manual two-handpiece system to operate air-driven handpieces
  • Handpiece selector valve
  • Individual handpiece pressure adjustment on front of control
  • Air and water coolant for high speed handpieces
  • On-off adjustment controls for water coolant.