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Digital System
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  • Highest resolution diagnostic images
  • Eliminates film and chemical costs
  • Gets a picture in 10 seconds
  • Very cost effective
* Computer not included
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produces high efficiency, low noise images which are digitized and transmitted to your computer via a standard USB (Universal Serial Bus) port and is 
compatible with laptop or desktop systems. Free software upgrades and warranty coverage for three years is the best in the industry.
Digital imaging delivers significantly increased revenue to today's high-tech practice. Requiring less labor and anesthesia time, it increases patient throughput and is safter for the animal with reduced X-Ray exposure. Easy-to-use, state-of-the-art digital imaging saves considerable time over film. Digital radiography accelerates the learning of bisecting angle technique for both practitioner and staff. Image archiving is fast and simple for patient data base archives. Interfaces with AFP ProImage or other image and practice management software suites. Ideally suited for veterinary applications, the operational simplicity of digital radiography consolidates workflow as it builds productivity. The ability to communicate with clients is greatly enhanced.
           Vet is a filmless, digital dental
imaging radiology system that produces
high resolution, diagnostic quality
images. Utilizing patented "Active
Column" MOS technology, EVA Vet