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           PROPHY PASTE
           The type of paste used can be benefical in
           providing a much better prophy for your patients.  
  • For heavily stained teeth (Mint)
  • Superior polishing
  • Comes in three different formulations
           Orange - Puppies & Kittens, Cherry - Regular Dogs & Cats, Mint - Extra Course*
           *Should use a standard polish after use.
           ** Flouride in this product does not constitute flouride treatment.
Dental Suite
All prophy angles are not created equal.
This one is unique, and disposable.
  • It will not get caught in hair or guaze
  • It will not burn out a tooth. The 3-second rule would not apply with this angle
  • It will not splatter
  • Will Not get caught in hair or gauze
  • Will Not burn a tooth
  • Will Not splatter paste
Most importantly, if this prophy angle is used with our special paste, a great deal of staining can be 
taken off teeth, a big win-win scenario for the clinic.
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