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My company was formed 15 years ago. I previously worked with Pharmacia Animal Health , and found how important dentistry was to the veterinary profession.  

I realized how many veterinarians wanted to do more with dentistry, but did not know where to start.  I had done many seminars with Pharmacia and realized how valuable they were.  The moneys generated by these seminars were substantial for the veterinary practice.   In my new company I decided that the seminars were going to play an important role.  Also, I realized that much of the equipment that they were using was old and many of the employees did not know there uses. 

I decided that I would try to introduce equipment that would be effective, but without costing a great 
deal.  I found that doctors could use a support organization that could help them if they had equipment problems.

Another concern was when a clinic starts doing more dentals, and a break down occurs.  What do they do?   A program was needed to help.   A free 
loaner program for the high speed drilling equipment and scaler should be put into the mix.  

This program is offered to clinics that have purchased a scaler or high speed drill.  This program is available if and when my loaner is  ready
for service, and the customer will keep it until the 
repair is done.  

Service call fees range from $75 to $250.  The hourly rate is $60 per hour, plus parts.  The out of state service call is $250.  If the product is under warranty, the service call will not apply.

There is a training seminar available for sharpening hand isntruments.  When equipment is purchased through my office, free training is provided on the use maintenance of it.  

Free demos are available on scalers and high speed drilling equipment.